Sneakers Proves Their Worth on Clutch’s Global Announcement

Contributor: Christopher White

We’re excited to see where business app development goes in 2019. According to this article, things like IoT and other up-and-coming technologies will fill the mobile world in the year to come. While we code our way to the new year, we’d like to celebrate all we’ve done in 2018.


If you look at our Clutch profile, where we collect detailed case-study style reviews from our clients, you’ll see a total of 11 reviews. We list on Clutch’s mobile app development companies directory. Five of these review on our profile were collected in 2018. Let’s see what our clients said about us in 2018:

“They were successful in rebuilding the app and getting it to launch.”
-Head of Product, The Infatuation

“We struggled to consolidate our brands until Sneakers showed us how to unify our messaging.”
-Director of Technology of a staffing company

“Everyone was incredibly talented and communicated perfectly.”

Clutch top 1000 companies

These are just small quotes from ultra-detailed reviews about how we go about managing projects, getting results for clients, and communicate with our partners. What’s the best part about our reviews on Clutch? You can see how we’ve consistently delivered for our clients over time. Let’s see what clients said about us in 2017:
"[They're] a great partner which adapted based on our challenges, and I would recommend them 10 times out of 10."
-Founder, Freelance Platform

"The Sneakers Agency has definitely saved us money compared to hiring an internal developer."
-Product Manager, SYPartners

With our stellar reviews on Clutch, we’ve been included in their 2018 “Clutch 1000” award. With dozens of thousands of companies with reviews on Clutch’s platform we stand out based on the app development projects we’ve done for our clients and we could not be happier. Due to all the hype around The Sneakers Agency, Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, even recently featured us as a top NYC app dev company.

Without tooting our own horn too much, we wanted to share the Clutch team’s newest website, Visual Objects, where app development companies can visually display their projects alongside user reviews. We’re so pumped they chose us to be one of their first profiles on the website!

So, for 2019 we look forward to the apps we’ll develop. We thank our past clients for their support in leaving feedback on Clutch. We also want to encourage our clients and friends to collect client feedback as a way to get recognized for your hustle.