Sneakers Agency Lands on Top App Dev Announcement from Clutch

Contributor: Christopher White
Clutch - Top mobile app developers

We were recently announced as a top mobile app development company in New York!
Out of hundreds of New York state app development companies, we were included in Clutch’s announcement.

So, what does it take to be named a top app development company on Clutch? Well, let’s look at our stats!
We’ve got a total of 11 reviews on our profile and each review is packed with amazing information about what we built for our clients, what technology was used, featured included and how our project was managed! Our star rating average is 4.9/5
Sneakers Agency Lands on Top App Dev


Here’s what the Digital Communications Officer at a nonprofit in Washington, DC, Lai Sanders, said about our work:


“We were impressed with their responsiveness and flexibility.”


We’ve also received a spot on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest as a top New York App Development agency which must have helped us gain inclusion in this announcement.


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