GDPR: 5 Areas Where Your Fintech Company Could Be Impacted

The clock is ticking on the commencement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After being approved…

Facial Recognition: A Mobile App Game-Changer

For as long as we’ve had computers, we’ve controlled them almost exclusively by hand. Aside from a very few highly specialized, custom…

Seven Essential Best Practices for Mobile App Success

I’m often asked what makes an app great. The short version: Truly great apps don’t merely let users do things on their phones — they…

The Real Costs of Building Mobile Apps: After Development

It would be a mistake to think of your mobile app design and development as a one-time cost. Creating the app will be the first step of a long journey.

The Real Costs of Building Mobile Apps: Getting Started

Mobile applications are at the heart of our daily digital task-based self. Our day-to-day experience demands always accessible, simplified

The Real About Social Components For Apps

The Top 5 reasons you should skip the social component for your app

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