Average iOS App Development Cost – Know the Facts

Contributor: Christopher White

Average Cost of iOS App Development (NYC, Agency Approved)

In this post we will walk you through the factors that determine the average iOS app development cost.

Average iOS App Development Cost

The cost of iOS app development varies greatly. And, the price is in a constant state of flux–influenced by a number of factors including developer demand, iOS app trends, your level of involvement and the sophistication of your app idea.
This article will break down the stages of app development, important factors to be aware of, and provide insight into how to choose a developer that’s right for you.
The basic breakdown of the average cost of iOS development is as follows:

  • Wireframes (the app skeleton)
  • Front End Design (colors, look & feel)
  • Mobile App Development (the iOS app the users can download from the app store)
  • Backend Development (the business logic and database that makes it work)
  • Testing and QA (quality assurance of the entire system: Mobile App + Backend)
  • Launching (getting through the gatekeepers of the App Store)

Depending on your involvement, and the skillsets of your team, front-end design and back-end development will be the bulk of the cost of iOS app development. That being said, you may be able to shave a few dollars off the front end design stage if someone on your team has design skills and is able to design & layout the various screens of your app, with a decided upon color scheme, look and feel.

Average Hourly Rate - App Development:

You will pay more for a domestic team, which may or may not be worth the premium. Overseas freelancers can quote you as low as $26/hr, whereas some U.S. based development teams can go as far as $200/hr for development work (see below).
Average Hourly Rate - App Development:
If you are cash-strapped and floating the project on your own dime, it may be best to find a developer with a lower hourly rate. This will allow you to see the project through, prove the concept, and move on to developers with more experience if the idea works. If you go this route, be aware that you’ll be sacrificing some level of architectural experience and sophistication with respect to overall engineering and quality of work. If you have the initial capital, more expensive developers are great, and they can execute some amazing ideas. They usually entail having a dedicated team working on your project, with lots of specialized skill sets, and a Project Manager to keep everyone on the same page.
Either way, it’s always a good idea to have a thorough conversation with prospective developers prior to deciding. And it’s imperative that you get multiple quotes so you have a good sense of how many hours of work will be involved in the development of your project. With this information, you can easily compare the cost from one developer to the next to find the average ios app development cost for your idea.
Additionally, it’s always smart to reach out to past clients of potential developers. This will provide the best insight into the truths of working with the developer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how willing and open other entrepreneurs will be in sharing their experiences of the development process.

Average Cost of App Development. iOS breakdown:

In general, iOS apps are more expensive to develop than Android category by category. The average costs for app category are below:
Average Cost of App Development. iOS breakdown:
Chart: VelveTech
However, iOS Apps tend to generate more money and the Apple App Store has a more significant pool of paying users. If you would like to develop for both iOS and Android at the same time, some app development companies might provide a discount but there’s a lot of work that goes into building and releasing an app for both platforms at the same time. There is also the potential to use new frameworks like React Native to try to help with building for both platforms at the same time. This is could be a cost-savings tactic if you are bootstrapping your venture, and are looking for cost efficient ways to reach the wideset potential user base.

Maintenance - Cost

When considering the average cost of an iOS app, be sure to work app maintenance fees and update fees into your calculated spend. There are quite a few shifting pieces behind the curtains of an app that can influence the average ios app development cost.
Even if you choose not to make any changes to your app, there are a few ongoing maintenance costs that you should be aware of:

  • Hosting
  • General Maintenance and QA
  • License & Certificate Updates
  • Ongoing bug fixes and performance improvements
  • User support

Maintenance - Cost
Chart: Think Mobiles
It’s best to ask your potential developers what their monthly maintenance fee is at the beginning of your project so you can properly budget for long term success.
Please feel free to contact us at Sneakers Agency if you have any questions about app development, average cost, or would just like to chat more about your idea. We are a company that works on big enterprise solutions as well as smaller passion projects. We love working with both seasoned and rookie entrepreneurs. Reach out anytime! We are more than happy to provide a quote and walk you through the various stages of our process. We would love to make your app a reality!

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